Privacy Policy

At our company SPart Co., Ltd. we strongly believe in the importance of protecting personal information. We observe the laws related to the protection of private information, including the Private Information Protection Law. In order to earn the trust of our customers, we work hard on a daily basis to perfect our company structure. In line with our beliefs, our company has enacted the following privacy policy.

Acquisition of Personal Information
Upon acquiring personal information, the purpose of use will be explicitly stated through written documents, electronic mail, online forms, or other routes. Alternatively, the purpose of use will be made clear by an official announcement appearing on the SPart website. Only the minimum amount of personal information necessary for the purpose of use will be gathered and will not be acquired by dishonest or illegal means.

Purpose of Use
  • Information Regarding Members of Services Managed by Spart Co., Ltd.
    Information will be used for the purposes of sending various notifications related to members, notifying members regarding events, services, and products provided by SPart Co., Ltd., and generating statistical data. (It will not be possible to identify individuals from statistical data.)
  • Information Regarding Those Interested in Attending Private Movie Screenings Information will be used for the purpose of sending notifications regarding private movie screenings and other events.
  • Information Regarding Customers of Mail Order Services
    Information will be used for the purpose of notifying customers about events, services, and products provided by SPart Co., Ltd. and to generate statistical data.
  • Information Regarding Contact Personnel of Client Companies
    Information will be used for various contact purposes related to business practices.
  • Information Regarding Job Applicants
    Information will be used for hiring purposes only.
  • Information Regarding Company Employees
    Information will be used for purposes of employment, management of personnel affairs, and protecting the handling of personal data.

Usage of Personal Information / Disclosure to Third Parties
Personal information will only be handled to the extent necessary to achieve the purpose of use explicitly stated to the individual directly or through a public announcement.
The individual’s consent is necessary in cases where personal information is to be used beyond the extent necessary to achieve the purpose of use or in cases where information is used for purposes not originally stated. Our company will not disclose private information to third parties without the individual’s consent. However, exceptions may be made in situations when protection of an individual’s life, health, or property is necessary yet consent is difficult to obtain, when compliance with government agencies is required to carry out matters necessitated by law, when obtaining an individual’s consent will hinder the execution of such matters, and in other situations specified in the Private Information Protection Law and similar laws.

The Secure Management of Personal Information
All employees abide by the official regulations for managing personal information established by SPart Co., Ltd. In every department, there is a designated supervisor in charge of personal information management who supervises staff to ensure that personal information will be handled correctly. At our company, we hold a comprehensive training for all staff regarding personal information, as well as proactively organize professional development activities regarding personal information protection.
In order to protect against the disclosure of personal information, we thoroughly apply systematic and physical safety control measures. In addition, we thoroughly apply the standard level of physical and technical safety control measures deemed appropriate for the situation.
In the case that we entrust personal information to an outsourcing company, we will select a highly reliable company that applies suitable safety control measures. We will require strict management of personal information in our contract with the outsourcing company, as well as closely supervise them to ensure that personal information is handled appropriately.

Dealing with Accidents
In the remote chance that an accident occurs in which personal information is leaked, our company will publicize the incidence promptly, thoroughly verify the facts, investigate the cause, work to minimize the degree of damage, and take appropriate measures to prevent reoccurrence.

Inquiries Regarding Personal Information
Regarding the maintenance of personal data, in accordance with the Private Information Protection Law, our company will comply with requests from the individual regarding notification of purpose of use, disclosure of data content, content correction, additions and deletions, and suspension of data use. Requests can be made through SPart Co., Ltd. whose contact information can be found below. If you have any complaints or inquiries regarding the handling of personal information, please don’t hesitate to contact us.

【Contact for Requests Regarding Personal Data Maintenance and Complaints Regarding Personal Information】
SPart Co., Ltd.
75-1 Enoki-cho, Shinjuku-ku, Tokyo 162-0806
Tel: 03-3267-8282 Fax: 03-3267-8262
*Please be aware that requests and inquiries cannot be made by directly visiting the address above.
In order to improve the current privacy policy, please be aware that necessary content may be revised. Upon revising the privacy policy, the updated version will immediately be published on our website.